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Pretend Play and Dress Up Encourages Imaginative Play
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Christian Home Based Business Opportunities Abound

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Having a Christian home based business can be one of the most rewarding business ventures on the Internet. Not only can you make money from your home but at the same time you will be serve the Lord in a unique way. It doesn't matter if you just want to work part time to earn one hundred a month or if your plan is to own a full time business and earn thousands. A Christian home based business is waiting for you and all you have to is just read and listen to the information provided over the Internet.

A Christian home based business can be more of a curse than a blessing if you are not careful. Just because a clever marketer labels his scheme a Christian business it doesnít mean that it is. Scam artists and crooks look to prey on easy targets. Donít let your trusting nature as a Christian open you up for a
scam artist to walk in and steal money from you with fast talk and big lies. Check out any offer for a Christian home based business opportunity. If someone tries to pressure you into fast actions, slow down and think carefully. Look for a company that is grounded in Christian principles.

Here are a couple of Christian home based businesses.

-The Ellis Marketing Group offers a Christian home based marketing business in giftware. Some of the types of products they sell are: collectibles, crafts, and home decorating supplies. Whether you want to start an on-line business or to sell at flea markets, they offer unique Christian products at low minimum purchases.

-A Family Moment Christian Books has the opportunity to setup up your own online Christian bookstore. Whenever a customer buys something, you earn commissions. No inventory to store and no shipping to do.

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