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Collectibles: Searching for those Hard-to-Find Diecast Models

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For collectors of any kind, there are always those items
that are much sought after, but nearly impossible to find.
If they’re lucky enough to finally locate them, the price
is often exorbitant or there are some other restrictions
which inhibit their ability to secure them. With a good
deal of patience and persistence, however, even the rarest
of these collectibles can be found and purchased without as
much difficulty as one might imagine. One simply needs to
know where to look.

In the past, people have been pretty much limited to
finding rare collectibles at auctions, estate sales and
flea markets. Today, much of the searching is done via the
internet. Diecast models of all sorts – including those
which are considered rare – can be located with the simple
click of the mouse on a major search engine.

Suppose, for a moment, that you’re interested in locating a
specific Formula One racecar diecast model. By going to
an online merchant that specializes in this type of model,
you’ll be able to choose from among a wide variety of rare
or hard-to-find models. An example of a site that would
carry such items is www.f1models.biz. If, on the other
hand, you’re more interested in finding rare diecast models
of airplanes from Corgi Aviation, you can visit

Should you happen to be looking for a diecast model that’s
considered to be extremely rare, you may have to find
specific companies or individuals that handle objects which
specialize in items that were produced in a very limited
number. If, for instance, you’re hoping to add a 1913
Collector’s Edition Ford Model T at a 1/16 scale to your
collection, you can find this extremely rare model at
www.franklindanbury.com. This is a very hard to find
diecast model, and they specialize in Franklin and Danbury
Mint cars. The price isn’t always listed, and you may have
to e-mail them for the pricing information, but some
collectors are willing to pay higher prices in order to
find that one special piece that would make their
collection complete.

Maritime enthusiasts who are looking for a diecast model of
the RMS Carmania – a very rare Tri-ang ship in 1/1200
scale – would find what they’re looking for at
www.rubylane.com. With a wide variety of models available,
you just may find something else that’s on your “love to
have” list. Based in the UK, it may require you to pay
extra in shipping, and the shipping time may be longer, but
will be well worth your while if you can’t find the
diecast model that you’ve been looking for anywhere else.

Regardless of what type of model you’re trying to find,
there’s always a way to find it through an internet search.
While auctions, flea markets and the other avenues are
still used by some, locating those hard-to-find models
online is faster and easier – and you may just get a great
deal that you wouldn’t have found in a brick and mortar

About the Author

(c) 2005 Dale Stewart - All Rights Reserved

Dale Stewart is a freelance author and diecast enthusiast.



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