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Collecting Your Family Tree

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What is genealogy and a family tree?

Genealogy is a hobby where you collect information about your ancestors, that is, everyone in your family that has lived before you. You collect vital statistics, such as when and where they were born, lived and passed away. From these clues you become a master detective and learn all about their lives. Each family member is like a piece in a puzzle. As you collect and record family stories, pictures and documents, a fascinating tale of your history reveals itself. Building a family tree can be a life-long hobby for you. Maybe, one day, you'll have a granddaughter or grandson to pass this family treasure on to. Just like your ancestors, the generations which follow you can read about, and enjoy your very interesting history!


Getting Started

The best place to start is with the family members you know best. The very first person on your family tree is your immediate family, mom and dad, brothers and sisters, and of course yourself!

From here you move backwards, one generation at a time. You can interview cousins, aunts and uncles, grandparents and great-grandparents. You will be surprised what a great start you will have.



Your family detective kit will start with notebooks, pens and pencils. A glossary of genealogy terms is helpful too! Large envelopes or plastic boxes are good for keeping the photographs and documents you collect on your quest. A filing system to keep you organized is very important. You might want to purchase a commercial software program to record your information. Some software allows you to insert scanned pictures, and finally publish your own family book!

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