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How Do Conversion Rates Apply? An Overview of Sales Conversion Rates

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A Conversion Rate is the comparison of the number of sales to the number of visitors it took to get those sales.

It takes 2 sales in 100 visitors to get a 2% conversion rate. In e-commerce overall the average conversion rate is 2.3%. The conversion rate for electronics etailers is a low 1.1% while the fashion, home furnishing and travel categories average between 2% and 2.2%.

Online merchants who use a catalog get a huge 6.1% conversion rate because the visitor has looked through the catalog and they are coming to
the website to order knowing exactly what they want.

How Can You Increase Your Website Conversion Rate?

A combination of actions will help to boost your sales conversion rates. The contribution of each is incremental but worth the effort.

Add A Search Engine To Your Site

A search engine on your site will help to search your online catalog so that the customer finds exactly what they want. This will improve
your conversion rate the most. Tweak the site search engine for more intuitive responses. It may pay in more conversions to upgrade your
site search engine from a basic model. Check out other shopping sites to see how their site search engines respond and what features you
like best.

Simplify Your Site Navigation

The majority of site visitors will click through your site up to three pages and if they don't find something of interest or what they were
looking for, they will click away. Simplify your site so that they can get right to the product and directly to the shopping cart and checkout.

One-click check out will send your conversions skyward.

Build Trust In Order to Build Conversions

A brief security statement at the top of the required legaleze will help to build trust. Bring out the points that will concern your customers the most and set their mind at ease. Logos showing membership in Better Business Bureau Online and other trusted sites will also increase the trust factor and conversion rates.

Romance Your Repeat Buyers to Increase Your Sales Conversions

E-mail a discount coupon to your customer e-mail list to bring them back to your site. Existing customers will remember their first sale with satisfaction and want to repeat the process. Free shipping and sales discounts will also increase conversions. Try a campaign for a short period of time or during slow sales periods to test it out.
By Margaret E. Booth, Webmaster of http://www.endeavorsonline.com
has been business owner of Tech Selections selling consumer electronics and Nascar Fan Shop selling Nascar Collectibles since 2000.

About the Author

Margaret E. Booth is owner and webmaster of Endeavors Online. She writes articles about her e-commerce experience.
Click to visit her websites at http://www.endeavorsonline.com
and http://www.endeavorsonline.com/etools
or e-mail her at article@endeavorsonline.com


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