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Trolls and Norfins

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These lucky little dolls with the funny little faces and wild hair were born many years ago in a town in northern Jutland, Denmark. In 1951, Thomas Dam began carving little wooden trolls, while his wife and daughter began making stuffed toy trolls. In 1959 the Dam family began a factory, making little vinyl trolls.

Each model was designed and made in wax which was covered with copper to create the mold for the little creatures. Thomas Dam continued to design and create until his death in 1989. Today production continues by his son Nils and daughter Lajla who makes the molds for the new designs.

Once upon a time...

The story of the trolls began many, many years ago. A kind troll named Uras lived on a small forested island called Gjol in the Lim Fjord in Denmark. He lived in a cave with his very large family. As the family grew bigger, the cave grew smaller. Uras decided he would need to build a new and bigger cave. To make the work easier, Uras cast an old ancient spell to make the trolls bigger and stronger.

Trolls do not do very well when they try to cast spells, when Uras attempted his the trolls grew smaller and smaller. Every time Uras tried to cast the spell the trolls would grow even more smaller! The troll children grew so small that they were able to run away and hide from the bigger Uras. The hurried away out of the cave and ran away!

That is why today these lucky little trolls can be found all over the world.

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