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Home Business Operation Basics
One of the least talked about, yet very important aspects of running an online business is the organization and actual operation of the business. Any successful business, offline or online, needs to be organized from the beginning. Even a one-man...
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Mothers Of Home Based Business, Don't Be Afraid Of Marketing Globally
Before the Internet the thought of marketing a product to a foreign country, to people who spoke a foreign language was, well something that small marketers from home didn't contemplate very much. Imagine before the Internet how difficult it...
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5 Precise Success Factors You Need to Build a Successful Home-based Business on the Net

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1. Yourself - You are the most important resource that you bring to the table. And, a positively charged attitude will serve you better than an MBA from a prestigious university. I really believe that.

Your attitude only exists in your thoughts. Or, you could say:

"Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at change." - Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

So, if you wish to improve your attitude, improve your thoughts. The next time a negatively charged thought enters your mind instantly replace it with a positively charged thought.

Keep in mind that everyone is a never-ending work in progress. Your goal, therefore, is to become better today than you were yesterday. That goal almost guarantees your ultimate success.

2. Information - To succeed online, you must start where your target market starts. Those people search for information, they seek solutions. When you supply your visitors with pages of helpful, in-demand content, you've found a need and filled it. That, my friend, is the first law of business. It's also the foundation, the lifeblood if you will, of your home based business.

3. Traffic - Major search engines, such as Google, love theme-based content sites. That's why they rank so high with those engines. A high ranking will generate free, targeted traffic ... visitors who are interested in what your site offers.

4. PREsell - Your valuable information builds trust and confidence in your visitors. This makes them more open to your offers. It also eases the transition from prospect to customer.

Put another way-

Effective PREselling sells you to your vistiors. This makes them more open to your recommendations and offers. Ask yourself:

Would you be more willing to buy from someone who first helped you before offering to sell you something ... or from a salesperson who goes right for your jugular?

5. Monetize - This one's easy. But it only happens after you have the above parts in place. Your quality, in-demand information generates traffic to your Web site. That information then PREsells that traffic, converting them into warm, open-to-buy visitors. For example, a business coach ... who we'll call Jane ... might create and build a successful home based business like this:

Jane fills her Web site with page after page of helpful information. It's aimed at small business people who need her service to become more productive and successful. Her great information also PREsells those visitors, convincing them of her expertise. This opens the door for Jane to sell them her professional service. In addition, the above opens the door for Jane to expand her business by selling collateral products and services, ones related to her core business. These could include a membership site, newsletter, eBook, Google Ads, affiliate fees, and so on.

About the author:

Give Me 5 Minutes of Your Time and I'll Give You the Building Blocks to Affiliate Marketing Success - Read David Geerís "Beginner's Guide to Successful Affiliate Marketing" at:


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