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9 Steps To Start A Profitable Online Home Business!

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This article has the 9 steps you will need to take to have a Profitable Online Home Business! Some “Internet Guru’s” will disagree with me, as they think that there are only 8 steps, but they seem to forget about the most important step of all. “Learning” Learning what it is all about, it’s more then just finding/having a product or service to put on a website and just watch the cash roll in.

Unfortunately, when submitting articles, I’m limited the amount of words I can use and links I can provide, but if you wish to read the full-version of this article with the links, please visit my website below and click on the 9 Steps button located to the left hand side of you screen.

Even though finding your niche and having good content on your site for your customers and search engines is very important, there are some other very important things that are being neglected. Learning to find the right Keywords and how to advertise your site correctly is a big key to your success online, don’t get me wrong, it’s important but not impossible.

These steps can be done no matter who you are, if you have your own product/services, if you have some ideas for your own product/services but need help creating them, or if you just want to promote someone else’s product/services as an affiliate, these are all profitable as long as you learn how to do them correctly. You really don’t have to be a salesperson to make money online, I’m not!

If you follow the steps below, you will be far ahead of most people trying to make money on the Web, including me when I started, as this information is a result of many years of trail and error, many hour of research. I wanted to share it with you, because I don’t want you to have to go through the same difficulties as many others and I have done.

One more thing before I reveal to you your 9 steps to start a profitable online home business, I want to “squash” a myth started by the “spammers/scammers”. Being profitable online is not “free”. It takes some investment, time to learn (time is money), small money investment to get started (purchase a domain name, web hosting, advertising $, etc…).

Again, don’t get me wrong, having an Online Home Business is the easiest, fastest and most inexpensive way to have a home business or to have the multi-streams of income roll in, but I want you to have the honest truth about it, so you don’t get disappointed when you don’t make a million $ over night and with no investment.

9 Steps

1.Learning the basics- Like anything you have to learn how things work and what the rules are. The Internet is very different from the “Traditional brick and mortar” business. Even though there are some similarities with both of them, in an offline business, you are limited by location and local competition. On the Internet, you can reach people round the world and there is more competition, but nothing you can’t handle. There is plenty for everybody.

So it is essential that you that learn the basics of selling products/services online first, then go to the next step. How do you do this? My favorite is reading e-books and Audios. You can find the one’s I suggest at the links below or you can do a search on the Internet. Just be careful in doing this as there are some so call “Internet Guru’s” that are only interested in make the money, not teach you how to do the same.

2.Next, after you have got the basics down and under your belt, then we move on to finding your niche market. Finding a niche is very important and seeing if it will be profitable, just because you are interested in it doesn’t mean that anyone else is.

The best way to do this is “surf” the web. Pick a topic that you know about or are interested in and see if others share your interests. Check out the site that are the top ten and see if they relate to what your are wanting to promote and maybe able to become an affiliate with or if you can improve on their product or service, etc… Do your research.

3.This step is very important as well, researching and finding the products or services you want to promote. If you didn’t find what you were looking for in the above step, then here’s another chance to do so. This can be done a couple ways. Dropshippers/wholesalers, if you plan to create your own Website and affiliate programs if you just want to promote other peoples website links, both are a great way to find products.

4.Next, if you have decide to have your own website, then you need to buy a domain name. You can do a search on the Internet. Pick a domain name that is related to your product/services or your niche market.

5.Now, you will need to find a Web host. Not to difficult there, you can find the one I suggest at my link below or you can do a search on the Internet. Just make sure you do the research and that the one you pick can provide everything you need to promote your product/services.

6.You can do this next step one of two ways. Take classes in Professional Web design and buy expensive Web design software or use an “easy to use” Web builder that most Web hosting companies will provide for free, that will give you the same results as the professional Web design will. I like the second choice as it is like a plug and play version.

7.If you are going to have a Website than you don’t want to miss this step. Build a opt-in list and write your own newsletter to keep in touch with your visitors/customers. Autoresponders work great for this.

8.This step and the next step have to do with advertising. Free advertising is there, you just have to know where to look, but it’s not totally free as you do have to spend your time with it. I have a great article on my site that shows you how to do this, it’s called “Free advertising”, good title huh!

9.Now, for the fastest way to get visitors to your site is to get listed with the pay-per-click search engines. Overture, Google adword, and Kanoodle are good for this. Google Adword is the only one that you do not have to have your own landing page to promote with them, you can just have it go directly to you affiliate link.

*tips- When surfing the internet in the above steps search for things like “best Web Hosting”, “Web Hosting”, “buy domain name”, “need domain name”, etc…

So there you have it! The 9 steps to start your own profitable online business. Get started today so you can start reaping the rewards of your own business and stop working for the other guy. Don’t forget to get the full-version of this article filled with more detailed advice and links just for you.

Best of luck on your success,

Veronica Bath

About the Author

My mission is to help people with their goals of becoming their own boss or just make extra money. I have been scammed big time before and want to help other avoid doing the same thing.
My Website is for this purpose, “Online Home Business” at http://www.online-home-businesssite.com!
This site is to guide you to companies that will possibly be able to help you start your own Online Home Business and earn extra income.


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