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A Home Business Tax-time Tip

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”Unreported Income:” The best way to get the IRS to send you a love note suggesting you two get together for a chat. That means an AUDIT!

If you received W-2s and/or 1099s, guess who else got copies? Yup,the IRS.And they now have a sophisticated computer program that matches every W-2 and 1099 with 1040 Tax Returns.

Guess what happens when they get a 1099 that isn’t reported on your 1040? Hey,you’re quick!

Although most income you receive is taxable,and must be reported as “earned income”for tax reporting purposes, there are some types of income that is only partially taxed or not taxed at all. A complete list can be found in IRS Publication 525,“Taxable and Nontaxable Income.” (Here’s a direct link to download IRS Publication 525: http://www.irs.gov/publications/p525/index.html}

Some common examples of items NOT included in your income are:

-- Reimbursement for many Adoption expenses
-- Child Support payments received by you
-- Gifts, Bequests and Inheritances
-- Workers' Compensation benefits
-- Reimbursement for Meals and Lodging incurred
for the convenience of your employer
-- Compensatory Damages awarded by a court for
Physical Injury or Physical Sickness
-- Welfare Benefits
-- Cash Rebates from a stores, dealers or manufacturers.

Want to slash your chances of an audit?
1. Report ALL income.
2. Sign your return.
3. Double- and triple-check your calculations
4. Double check your Social Security number.

Those are the four simple mistakes that trigger the majority of all IRS Audits. No kidding.

There’s a “Tax Tip You Can Bank On.”

there is more free tax information at:

Report ALL income,
Joe L.Golson
Affiliate Marketing&Traffic solutions

About the Author

Joe L.Golson is a writer and Affiliate Marketeer promoting Affiliate programs, products and services with many successes in work at home home business opportunities.Visit our website :


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