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Best Home Based Businesses: Third Soul Searching Step to Creating an Internet Home Based Business Step Three: Assess Your Business Ideas

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How would you like to have one of the best home based businesses? This article is number three in a four-part series that is designed to assist you in creating your ideal internet home based business. To view Parts 1, 2, and 4 please do an Author search on Go Articles for Chrystal Chantel.

In the previous articles I asked to you to discover what you love to do, then discover the problems that people in those fields face, and the potential solutions you could develop to help them.

Now comes the time to start assessing each of your solutions. You will want to weigh the pros and cons, and the strengths and weaknesses of each idea. Ask yourself these questions for each problem you have listed:

*What goals do the people concerned about this topic have? How could I help them meet their goals?

*The solutions I have created to solve my own problems, do I need to adapt them for my potential customers, or to reach a broader market?

*Could I create an information product such as an ebook that would provide solutions to this problem? Realize that you donít have to be a famous write to write an ebook. You simply need to communicate from your own personal experience how you have solved a problem that others face. If you can write clearly, you can write an ebook.

Why would you want to create an ebook? Because ebooks are one of the easiest internet products to create and sell on the web. People will gladly pay you for providing them with solutions to problems that really concern them. An ebook provides one of the easiest formats for them to receive these solutions. Some of the best home based businesses make most of their money from ebooks.

*Could I put my solutions in a video, an audiotape, a cd, a piece of software, or some other product or service? For example, a passionate home gardener wrote an ebook on how to care for lilies, a plant that is notoriously hard to grow. She also created a video on how to make the huge, beautiful hanging baskets that her garden was famous for.
Perhaps your internet home based business could be designed around skills or solutions you are already providing. Let yourself be creative and brainstorm freely. Ask your friends and family what they think. Sometimes when you look at things from many different perspectives, an idea that you hadnít thought of can easily emerge.

By going through this process you could come up with a product that no one else has thought of. You may come up with a unique approach that is all yours. You might identify a target market, a niche that has not yet been flooded with other products. You will likely come up with an idea that you are very interested in, that you have expertise with, that you can write about, that will carry the energy of your own experience, and that will bring you greater success than if you just copied someone elseís idea. These factors will help you to create one of the best home based businesses.

Donít be concerned if your idea is not a huge one. Millions of companies have made enormous sums of money out of making our lives a little easier in small ways. By going through the process Iíve outlined, you may be able to identify problems that are of great irritation to people, and these people may be happy to pay you for the solutions you provide. If you can make someoneís life better, provide them with more comfort, ease, or convenience, you could have a great product idea on your hands. Imagine having an internet home based business where you make the world a better place for others.

ďWe must notÖ.ignore the small daily differences we can make which, over time, add up to big differences that we often cannot foresee.Ē
~Marian Write Edelman~

Take your time with this process, and then join me for the fourth and last step in creating one of the best home based businesses for you: Research Your Business Ideas.

© Copyright Chrystal Chantel, All Rights Reserved.

Chrystal Chantel

I grant permission to publish this article, electronically or in print, as long as the bylines and the About the Author resource box are included with live links, and the article is not changed in any way.

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Learn more tips for developing the Best Home Based Businesses. Discover a Home Based Business Opportunity. Chrystal Chantel owns http://www.build-your-dream-business.net Build Your Dream Business.


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