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Easy Ways To Get The Family Involved In Your Home Business!

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Easy Ways To Get The Family Involved In Your Home Business!
by BB Lee (C)2002

(Clever tips to turn your home business into a family affair)


The kids are screaming. "It's "WAY TOO HOT" outside. And
there's nothing to watch on cable." Kids are bouncing
off the walls!

"MOM". We're B-O-R-E-D!

Your husband complains he doesn't remember what it's like
to have a decent conversation with you. And he looks at
the family album to remind himself what you look like.
Why? Because you've locked yourself away in your home
office. Toiling away for hours on your computer.

Instead of your family constantly fighting and bickering
over your venture. Let them join in. And become a vital
part of your home business. Ultimately, this will bring
the family closer together, help them to understand the
business factor, teach your children responsibility, build
their self confidence. And who knows, you might be on the
verge of your own Family Business Empire!

Here's a few nifty tips to get the whole family involved
in your business during summer vacation or any school break.
And, of course, you can adapt them to your own situation.
Find out what works for you!

-Delegate easy task to the younger children. Let little
fingers sort pencils, pens, office supplies into the right
compartments. Arrange file boxes or stack them neatly. Sort
sheets of paper by color or weight into neat little groups.
You could easily turn this into a game and make it fun. Reward
them with a healthy snack or favorite toy.

-Let middle children spell check your letters, proof-read
papers for you. Or file and sort papers, run copy machines,
send faxes. You might arrange to pay them a small salary or
purchase something they've asked for.

-Assign your older children to answering the business telephone.
Taking messages. Running important errands to the post office or
purchasing needed office supplies. Consider paying older
children a nominal salary if your budget allows.

-Assign your spouse to checking your email, downloading important
files, helping with accounting or financial statements. Or
delegate your spouse to research special projects.

-Once a week have a business meeting with your spouse
and children. Discuss where you are now and where you see the
home business in a year. Discuss any new projects, task, or
assignments. Discuss openly any problems. Let the children
and your spouse add their input into how they would like
to see the business managed.

Use these suggestions to meet the unique challenges you may
face in running a home business. Make it a family affair!
And, remember, running a home business is not like running a
corporation. Ultimately, you must realize it is the family that
is most important.

Article may be freely distributed as long as the resource box
is included.

BB Lee is Editor/Publisher of SmallBizBits FREE Home Biz
Newsletter published twice per month. You can visit
SmallBizBit's website at http://www.angelfire.com/zine/smallbiz.
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About the Author

BB Lee is editor of SmallBizBits free home business newsletter. And a published free-lance writer.


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