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Believe That You Can Become A Millionaire With Your Internet Home Business !!!
You Too Can Become The Next Internet Millionaire ! The web is a great opportunities. Imagine millions of customer. Its a huge cybermarket ! It's a trillion millions dollars market waiting for you ! Let's face it everyone wants to succeed...
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Product Marketing for Home Based Online Businesses
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Does this sound familiar?...You know that your job will never provide you with the lifestyle (lots of money, and lots of free time to enjoy it!) you desire. You know that starting your own business is the answer. You are constantly trying to think of a business you could do. What products could I sell? What could I invent? What do people need that I could provide? Where am I going to get the time to do this? How in the world am I ever going to find the best home-business for me ?

Finding the right business is crucial! You could work day and night, put in your 200% effort, and end up even more broke, if you choose the wrong company. The right company, with the same effort could make you a fortune! Imagine this: you hear of an opportunity, where some guy, in some little town, is making oodles of money with Company "XYZ." You'd love to make oodles of money, so you start a business with Company "XYZ." Suddenly you are going door to door trying to sell 8-track stereo systems, and getting a measly 5% one time commission on each unit! You're finished before you even began! Don't become disillusioned by thinking you are doing good because you have "a business." Anyone can get into a business, there are literally thousands of them out there, (but very few I would even consider.) Your goal is to find the business that will benefit you the most. Don't you agree? But then why do so many people start businesses that are dead in the water? Don't they want to succeed? Don't you? People all around the world, right now, are creating financial freedom that could last for the rest of there lives! Others are still spinning their tires in confusion. (which do you want to do?)

When you start looking for a business, every business is a possibility. You will need to filter through all these possibilities until you have it narrowed down to your perfect home-business. This "filtering" is done through a Criteria List. This is a list of standards that each business must measure up to, or it gets tossed out!

I think you'll find the following list to be very complete and could save you a lot of time, (maybe even years!) by helping you find your perfect business right now!

#1.The Market. Do people actually want what your business is offering? Is the product/service supported by current trends? Will this change significantly in 20-30-40 years?

#2.Repeat sales. Having a consumable product can skyrocket your repeat sales. If you have a quality product that people like, they will likely become a long term customer, giving you business whenever their product runs out. A large network of long term customers is the key to your residual income, paying you long after the original work was done. Avoid one time sell products. You greatly reduce your money making potential if a customer only needs your product once.

#3. Belief in the Product. You should really believe in your products! Do they really work? Do they help people? If there was no business opportunity, would you still recommend these products to your family and friends?

#4. Proprietary. Is your company the only place customers can get the products. (Are the products patented, protected by a copyright, etc.

#5. Leverage. This is perhaps the most important concept in accumulating wealth! You are only one person. Without leverage, your business is limited to your available time, your experience, your marketing strategies, your business skills, your people skills, your money, your desire, your networking skills, etc... Bill Gates has about 38,000 employees. He earns his income off of the leveraged efforts of 38,000 other people! (I think he understands leverage) "I'd rather have 1% of the efforts of 100 people, than 100% of my own!" John Paul Getty. Your business must be leveraged for you to truly be successful. A networking system is an excellent way to leverage your efforts.

#6). Realistic. The average number of people sponsored by someone in a networking business is: two. With this in mind, many compensation plans make it hard for the average person to start making money. A compensation plan where you can start making money with as few as two people, would give the average person a better chance at success.

#7). High payout. Look for a company with 10-20% commission paid out.

#8). Expert Management Team. It is important that the people running your parent company have the necessary experience to do so. Poor management can run a great opportunity into the ground. What are their past business experiences? Have they managed large successful organizations before? How are they running this company so far?

#9). Financial Stability. Are they debt free? How profitable is the company? Is it publically traded so that anyone can see how the money is being managed?

#10).Financial Investment. Compared to most business start-ups, the initial start up investment for a home-business is minimal. (You're not risking very much) You can find an excellent home-business for a start up of $1000 or less!

I sincerely hope this information will help you in your home-business search. Stay focussed on your dreams until they are your reality!

Yours in Success,
Matthew Mosher.
email me with any questions or comments mailto:yourfreedomteam@yahoo.com or learn more about me and the only business that met all my criteria at http://www.mlmreporter.com/freedom4life


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