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Home Business Success: What It Really Takes!

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These words are heard again and again by people attempting to build a real home business on the internet.

The real question should not be about winning because obviously, “everyone wants to win“, but should focus on the question of "How do I get to where I want to be so that I consider myself a success in my home business?"

Obviously, there is no roadmap that you can follow to reach the level of financial security that the majority of home business people would consider a success.

It is apparent though that the majority of people that are considered financially secure have some common qualities that they each possess, such as, almost all of the individuals that are financially secure appear to be self-motivated and willing to commit.

Now, the reason that this is important as it relates to each person attempting to build a home business on the internet is because without a doubt most people join programs to make money, and improve their standing, at least in their own eyes, on the ladder of success.

The problem is that most people are not motivated enough from within to really commit to making the personal sacrafices needed to truly build a real online business and therefore earn the money and live the lifestyle that they desire.

I am of the opinion that there are two real solid reasons why this situation exist.

I shall discuss the first of these reasons in this article since I feel this is the reason that actually prevents most individuals from really going forward and reaching for their dreams.

I think that the majority of us, no matter whether we admit it or not, are limited in our ability to see ourselves at the level in life that we personally would consider successful. In most cases, we see ourselves as not being capable of reaching the level of success that we would truly like to reach because of the mental picture we have of ourselves.

In my opinion, this is the result of our having tried to achieve smaller goals in our lives at some point and having failed to reach those goals, for whatever reason, whether we admit it outwardly or not.

I know that if you talk to most people they will tell you that "I could be this or do that if I could get a break” or “if I had just a little luck” or “if I could just get a helping hand."

This is so untrue.

Getting a "break" or "a helping hand" in business is not about "luck."

"Breaks" in business are a matter of persistence and perseverance.

The number of people that actually make a substantial amount of money from home businesses is not large because the majority of people that have the self-motivation, commitment, and discipline it takes to persevere to the level in which any big money is being made is small.

I can demonstrate this fact just by examining the statistics from a program that I am currently researching:

1. Currently only 17% of the total group has completed the basic requirements for understanding the program.

This program requires no commitment other than reading.

2. Of all the members in the group only 7% are qualified to earn all available means of income from the program.

This 7% represents 100% of the income and activity that is being produced within the group at the time of this article.

As a business owner, you should always set an example of how well your business products or services are by using them yourself.

3. Last month 68% of the income and activity produced by the group was produced by group members that have been members less than two months.

This occurs because these members still believe that they are capable of “making it happen!”

There are members of this group that have been onboard less than two months and have earned more money than other members that have been members for over a year or more that haven't earned a cent.

I mentioned these facts only to demonstrate that home business success is a matter of self-motivation.

Those members that are making money believe in themselves and therefore are motivated to take the initial actions to achieve, and, each achievement provides reinforcement that they can achieve the next step thus creating a perpetual belief that they can achieve whatever their desired goal might be in a step-by- step goal-oriented manner.

On the other hand for those that are not making money it is because of a deep-seated doubt, I think, not of belief in the system, but of a lack of belief in their own abilities.

The failure to take even the first step demonstrates a lack of self-motivation.

As a result the opposite affect is instilled and the perpetual doubt is reinforced each time that a desire to go forward is not followed-up by any action that results in even a small amount of positive reinforcement that leads the individual to believe that they are capable of reaching the desired goal.

Success starts with an individual perception of ones self.

Action is a result of the motivation from within.

Self-motivation is the key that must be turned in order to start the engine of success.

About The Author

This article was written by Nathaniel Balcom, the director of NVB and Associates, a internet-based home business group that provides assistance to its members as they attempt to build online businesses. He invites you to visit the following site if you are considering starting a business from your home: http://www.myofc.org.

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