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How mothers can set up a Home Based Internet Business in 2 easy steps

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Despite up to 95% of online businesses failing and mothers not having a lot of "spare time", setting up and running a Home Based Internet Business doesn't have to be complex nor expensive nor time consuming.

And if you've done it right, even failing doesn't need to cost much in both time and money. Learn from it, get over it and move on.

You only really fail when you give up!

So are the benefits of Internet Marketing.

The ability to at least set yourself up to be able to sell to a global audience for next to nothing in next to no time from your own home gives modern mothers tremendous business leverage both in time and money.

However cyberspace is vast and if you try to get your head around the whole Internet galaxy you'll need several years.

I'm assuming you don't have this timeframe so I've listed the 2 key steps mothers should consider, to make a B line for extra online profits in the comfort of your own home.

Like every marketer online, you'll need something to sell. Don't worry if right now you've got absolutely no idea what to sell. It may take several months to hone in on a product.

Now good marketing practices dictate that you first find a target market then present them with products you believe they'd want.

If you can follow this principle, that's wonderful but if not, i.e. you might already have a product and not sure who to market it to, then don't worry.

An example of this might be that you currently make smocking items or craft items etc on a regular basis. Perhaps you'd rather try and sell your (and other's) items instead of letting them build up in the cupboard.

Once you have a product and hopefully a target market you need to:

1. Set up your sales system on payapl, ebay, and/or Yahoo and get your own website.

Once you've found a product and have a good photo and description, advertise it on ebay and/or Yahoo auctions to test demand. This will cost you next to nothing so long as you have a credit card to open a paypal, ebay and/or Yahoo auction account.

Also start studying competitors auctions to gain a perspective on the state of the market for your type of product.

This immediate and easy method of testing will enable you to decide whether the product is worth pursuing and at what sales price.

If you fail to sell the item on ebay (or Yahoo) at a price you're happy with, due to lack of demand or too much competition, then seriously consider whether you'll be able to make sufficient sales through other mediums such as a website.

If you're happy with the results or see future possibilities then move on and get your own website. A domain name and hosting can be bought for under $15.

2 Strive for maximum automation and efficiency with your sales system.

If you're relatively new to computers, save yourself countless hours of the proverbial learning curve and hire a local computer techie or geek to come to your house and show you exactly the following things on your equipment.

a. How to take a good digital photograph of your product and upload it onto your hard drive. Then learn to upload it from your hard drive to your server.
b. How to open an account with ebay, yahoo and paypal and how to list an item. Learn or hire someone who can write good compelling sales copy. Study the copy of competitors auctions.
c. How to create a basic, yet professionally adequate website and upload the website to a server. Learn how to make changes on the website then upload these changes to your server. Make sure when building your website it is optimized with keywords to rank well with search engines.

These techie people are plentiful and charge around $25 per hour and up.

Bypass a long and endless learning curve. Pay for private tuition in getting your sales system in place, optimzed and automated quickly.

Once you have your sales system in place and finely tuned for maximum automation and profit you can continually funnel products into the system until you have a winner.

About the Author

Miha Thornton
Mothers of Home Based Business Resource Center
Empowering mothers to make money at home



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