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Selecting Your Work At Home Business Opportunity
I started looking for viable work at home opportunities back in 2001. It was a time consuming process, but in retrospect, I give myself a pat on the back every month when I cash the check from my home based business. The purpose of this...
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7 Business-Building Strategies MomsWIN taught a 13-year Home Business Veteran
Most home business owners can’t directly track from where successes come. Because of this, we have no means or knowledge to duplicate what we’ve done. I thought this was what all entrepreneurs did, that it was the best we could do. Boy was I...
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Have you been looking for a way to earn significant monthly income working from home? So have I. I‘ve actually spent hours searching for a reputable home-based business opportunity that is simple to implement and doesn‘t cost an arm and a leg. And amidst the dizzying array of possibilities, I finally found what I was looking for. I listed some specific criteria a business had to meet before I would consider joining it and promoting it. This eliminated most home business plans, and all of those that are scams. I came up with “six core principles” I was unwilling to compromise.

1. The business had to have a good reputation with a proven track record of success.
2. The earnings plan had to be simple and uncomplicated.
3. My investment had to be less than $20.
4. I had to be confident I could earn at least $4000 a month within 6 months.
5. I was not willing to sell a product or process orders for a product.
6. I had to feel very confident I could eventually earn a lot more through residual (ongoing) income while spending no more than 2-3 hours a day at my computer.
7. I had to know I would not be taking advantage of other people by pushing an idea on them for the sole sake of getting something for myself. I know who I am. I cannot feel good about myself unless what I do helps other people in some way, in this case helping them solve their own financial problems.

If these criteria meet your expectations then I urge you to take a serious look at the work-at-home opportunity presented by Global Domains International. It meets all of my criteria and more. It doesn’t even cost the $20 monthly minimum I felt I could invest. Take just a few minutes of your time and go to www.my.ws. Enter dvdmr in the access code box and everything will be explained to you. Don’t put this off. Believe me when I say that every second delayed is a loss of potential income that can give you the financial security you are seeking.

Look at it this way. You can put $10 a month in savings for 5 years and at the end of that time you will have earned $600 plus some interest. Invest that same amount in Global Domains and you'll make more than that a month....and a lot more with a little extra effort. And if after a 7-day FREE trial period you decide it's not for you, you lose nothing.

So the decision is yours. Sit back and relax while you're savings account earns pennies, or spend a couple of hours every day or so at your computer working as a Global Domains affiliate. What I am offering you is a solid business opportunity, and while it won’t go away, as time passes the wealth it generates will become more and more difficult to access as the internet generation comes of age. So don’t let it pass you by without getting your share of the profits. If you have any questions, e-mail me at dvdmr11@msn.com or call and ask for Dave at 417.848.5099. May God’s grace lead you as you discover the answer to your financial needs.

About the Author

About the Author: completed post graduate programs in both Cross Cultural Communications and Higher Education Administration. He believes strongly that the application of all self-generated wealth must include a provision for giving back to the commmunity, the church, and other worthy causes. If you would like more information on his online business, please visit his website at: DavidMoore.ws


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