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Important Online Home Based Business Tools

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Important Online Home Based Business Tools
(Part 1)
by BB Lee (C)2005

635 Words

The Internet is a great resource for no cost or low cost home
business tools. This is also excellent news for those with
limited budgets or time to search around for the right home business
tools. In most instances the needed item might be a download

Gathered here are twelve of the basic tools you will
certainly want to consider adding to your Online Home
Business Tool Chest to help you
start or manage your venture successfully!

Domain Look Up Tool.
Before announcing your business to the world check to
determine if the name desired is available.
Click Here:

Your Own Web Pages
Setting up your first web site is very easy. Although
many programs are available for creating a web page you might
prefer to use the templates provided by your web host.
By using provided templates you might set up a basic web page
in less than 15 minutes.
Click Here:

Home Business Autoresponder
Now that your web site is established. You will want a quick
way to respond to visitors or send them follow up sales material.
An autoresponder will send personalized follow up email
without any hassle.
Click Here:

Home Business Press Release Distribution
Announce your new online home based business to the press
with this convenient service.
Click Here:

Home Business Email
You will need several email accounts to manage your business.
One online favorite is Yahoo Mail which boast up to 2GB of space.
Click Here:

HTML Editor
Web pages are written in a special language called Hyper Text
Markup Language. A good HTML editor is a necessity to make
changes to your web pages. You don't have to be an expert
in the language to use the editor but an understanding of
basics is a good idea. 1'st page 2000 is one of the most
popular HTML editors.
Download Here:

Learn HTML
Now you've added a HTML editor to your tool chest. Next,
consider learning the funny codes and tags. A complete
online tutorial found at HTML Goodies will have you designing
your own web pages like a professional!
Click Here:

90 Money Making Home Business Ideas.
Visit this page for 90 profitable and unique home based business
ideas you can start at home!
Click Here:

Home Business Articles For Your Website Or Ezine.
Your web site is up and running. You will need content to
make your site sticky. Add instant stickyness with original
home based business articles. Download fresh and original
articles written by the editor of SmallBizBits News.
All are free to download and publish on your
website or newsletter.
Click Here:

Free Home Business Newsletter.
SmallBizBits News will give you what you need to become
successful in running your own business. Subscribe now
for fresh articles, free reports, ebooks, downloads, and
original home business ideas in each issue.
Click Here:

Home Business Merchant Account.
You will want a way to accept payments for your info
products. Join this service and they will handle the payments
plus expose your product to potential affiliates eager to sell
your products.
Click Here:

Home Business Affiliate Programs.
Setting up an affiliate program or joining an affiliate program
is one way to start an online business quickly. Click below for
more info.


Visit SmallBizBits News for the complete list of Important
Online Home Based Business Tools.

BB Lee is editor/publisher of SmallBizBits News. A Home Based
Business Newsletter packed with all the needed info you need
to successful start or manage your own business. Visit for
more original articles, biz ideas, ebooks, downloads.

About the Author

BB Lee is the editor and publisher of SmallBizBits News. A free newsletter that gives you what you need to start or manage a home based business with success.


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