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Marketing Your Home Based Business Website

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Copyright 2005 Paul Jesse

So you now have your own home based business and you have a website promoting your products or services. You sit and wait expecting fame and riches but the orders are not coming in. Where are the customers in this global marketplace you are now part of? You thought they would be beating down your door to send you money.

A home based online business is not any different from a traditional brick and mortar business in the sense that if no one knows you are in business, no one will come. You must aggressively market your home based business. There are millions of websites on the internet and possibly thousands who are selling products or services similar to yours.

How can you market your website online and offline so that people can find your business? How do you set yourself apart from the competition?

There are plenty of low cost strategies you can take to increase your chances of being found by potential customers on the world wide web.

1. Put your website URL address on everything. It should be on your business cards, your letterhead and any other materials you use for promotion. Your website address should be at the end of every e-mail you send as part of your signature. For example, if you have a website that sell leather apparel you might sign all of your e-mails with something like:

John Doe
John Doe Leather Company

2. Submit your website URL to the major search engines. If they do not add your site to their data base then you will never be found. You are better off to go to each search engine and submit your site on your own than paying a search engine submission site to do it for you. You can do it for free yourself and if you pay a service you have no way of knowing whether they actually submitted your site or not.

3. Subscribe to various Internet forums which pertain to your particular industry. Post messages on these boards and each time you do sign your name and website address just like you do in your e-mails. Be careful not to appear to be only promoting your website. If it becomes apparent that you are spamming for your site then you will be kicked out of the forum. When you post make sure to post insightful, relevant information pertaining to the topic.

4. Set up a Blog and post to it daily, about the topic of your home based business. This is currently one of the hottest Internet marketing tools on the web. A blog is like an online dairy. Every time you post to your blog sign your posting with your name, business name and url address. For more information on blogs try searching on the term and you should find plenty of resources available.

5. Include keywords pertaining to your home based business all over your website and within the title of your website. It is not considered appropriate to simply type your keywords over and over again. This is considered spam and you could be kicked off of a search engine for doing that. Instead include lots of relevant text on your website including your keywords within the content as naturally as possible but as often as possible without going overboard and sounding silly.

The above strategies do not cost anything to implement and if done consistently over time will increase the chances of people finding your website and consequently buying whatever it is you are selling through your home based business.
About the author:

Paul Jesse is a retired government employee and the author of several articles on working from home. Interested in working from home?
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