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Network Marketing And The Home-Based Business

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Network Marketing (NM) Companies are a popular entry point for many people considering a Home-Based Businesses. Formerly called "Multi-Level Marketing" (MLM), these companies are characterized by the Home-Based Business person, or Independent Business Owner (IBO) selling products or services. The IBO gets paid commission on sales of the products with the company acting as a fulfillment center. The IBO gets paid (more substantial) commissions based on the number of other IBO's he or she can recruit into the company (the downline).

Because of their unique structure of downlines, uplines, distributors, and sponsors, Network Marketing companies have special considerations for anyone considering an NM opportunity.

Ownership - One thing to consider with an NM company is that you don't really 'own your own business' in the sense that you can choose what products or services to sell or take various independent directions in growing your business. (There are usually only two ways to grow an NM business; by building the downline and/or establishing multiple NM businesses). NM companies are more closely related to the franchise -- a business structure that retains control on many operational and management aspects of the business in return for providing a branded, turnkey business. This is a trade-off you will make in a Network Marketing company and you'll need to make sure this fits into your vision of 'owning your own business'.

Legality - Is the Network Marketing structure of the company legal? Since the first NM company appeared in 1959, Network Marketing companies have fought various legal battles relating to the pyramid-like structure of the organization and in some cases relating to the products they sell. Check to make sure the opportunity you're considering is not in legal hot water.

Lead Generation - In the past, IBOs have been required to sell the products to friends, family, extended family, church members, PTO members, etc. The IBO's circle of contacts (called 'warm leads') is always limited. Modern Network Marketing companies will have advanced Lead Generation tools in place and the company should be able to assist and direct you in this area. Make sure you won't be stuck selling only to your warm leads and that there is a viable lead generation plan in place.

How far to Independence? - Ask your sponsor (the person trying to get you into the company) if he/she is making an independent living from the Network Marketing company. If the sponsor is not independent, is their sponsor? Try to find out how far up the chain you have to go to find someone who doesn't have a day job.

A legitimate Network Marketing company can provide a valid Home-Based Business opportunity in many cases. But due diligence is definitely in order and doing your homework before signing on the dotted line can save you disappointments and failure later on.

About the Author: Frank Ross is a 20+ year veteran of the Information Technology industry. He has worked in corporate America at various management and administrative levels, but now owns and operates 3 home-based product-based e-commerce websites and manages several others. He also maintains a Home-Based Business blog at http://www.allbusiness.com

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