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Starting A Home Business: Step 6

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Have you been a good student? Congratulations for making your dream of owning a home business a reality. Today you will learn how to get qualified traffic to your product web site and how to build your house list of email leads.

(If you missed the first 5 steps, you can catch up here) http://kenleonardjr.com/step1

Now that you have your online marketing system ready to go, it's time for you to learn how to bring targeted visitors to your site.

The fast way to get visitors to your site is to run targeted keyword based ads with one of the major pay per click search engines. You can open an account with Google AdWords, then learn how to use it properly. Though you can get fast traffic to your offer from a PPC campaign, you should direct traffic to your main page only for testing the offer and sales copy. The most efficient way to take advantage of PPC traffic is to send the visitors to a page that asks for contact info before they can see the advertised information. Those that don't give their email address (or more) are redirected to the sales page anyway when they close the lead capture page.

You must know what you are doing when advertising on Google, Overture and FindWhat, or you stand to lose a lot of cash very quickly. You can check out a very popular resource for learning the finer points of running ads with Google AdWords here: http://www.kljonline.com/GoogleCash.html

The online market research tool I mentioned earlier in this series would be a valuable tool for you if you decide to take advantage of Google AdWords. You can check it out here: http://marketresearch.for-your-biz.com

I mention this tool again because it comes with a very good AdWords tutorial. You could save some cash by getting the research tool with the free AdWords tutorial, then you don't have to get a copy of GoogleCash. You have to do something to educate yourself though, or you could really do some serious damage to your advertising budget.

Now for the cheap way to get traffic to your site, search engine listings. Learn how to optimize specific web pages to rank highly in Yahoo, Google and other major search engine listings. Create each page to focus on a specific keyword phrase that you found while doing online keyword research earlier in this series. But don't spend too much time on this method, since search engines are not very consistent in their listing ranking criteria.

The next method you can use for generating quality traffic to your site is to run ads in targeted email newsletters and ezines. Running ads will cost you some cash, but will really make your traffic meter go crazy. You can build your house list this way and make direct sales, too. Here is a free tutorial to help you write effective ezine ads: http://kenleonardjr.com/articles/WritingNetworkMarketingAds.html

Make sure you track every link you use in your email newsletter campaigns. Doing this will show you which ads are working and which are not. You will also find out which ezines are working, a valuable thing to know. What works for you will depend on your product and your target customer.

Writing promotional articles is a very good way to develop a long term traffic source. Write content that would be useful to your target customer, then ezine publishers and webmasters give your articles exposure to your market. This will send you high quality targeted visitors that like what you have to say. Here's another free tutorial for you, so you can learn how to write articles for web promotion that will bring you quality traffic: http://kenleonardjr.com/write

Buying banner and link space on high traffic sites that are related to yours can be a good source of targeted traffic, but be careful. You could spend a lot of cash, get a lot of traffic to your site but not get ANY sales or ANY leads! So start small and work your way up. This is a good rule to live by when learning to market online using any paid advertising.

Buying email leads is another effective way to get qualified visitors to your site, if done correctly. When purchasing email leads, make sure the lead signs up for your list specifically and that a proper record is made of the request. There are only a few reputable sources for co registration email leads, so choose carefully. Such a lead provider that is used by many professional online marketers can be found here: http://leads.for-your-biz.com

Put these methods into action and you will get targeted traffic to your web site and your offer. Some will produce short term sales while others will bring results later on. Some of these tactics will require a bit of cash while others will cost you your time. Don't make the mistake of thinking that your time is cheaper than spending cash, it is not. Treat your time as you would your money. Sometimes a small fee to get a job done is a lot cheaper than the time you would spend doing the job.

Now that you will be getting some serious traffic to your site, you will want to make sure you are using the most effective follow up series you can. Your follow up messages can make you a lot of cash if you know how to put it all together.

In Step 7 of this series, you will learn to follow up with your prospects effectively. How to deliver a powerful resource and sales message that will make buyers out of visitors that would have left your web site, Never To Return.

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About the author:

Ken Leonard Jr.
Be In Business For Yourself,
But Not By Yourself!


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