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Good Home Business Practice Needs The Right Philosophy.
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The Business Plan for your Home Based Business
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The True Secrets to Success for Home Businesses

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There are two major types of people in this world that I see. Both types can be broken down into more specifics, but overall there are only two types of people. There is that 99% of the world that is normal, who will work for other people for at least most of their lives, and there is that other 1% that the 99% work for.

We are all raised to believe that we must work a job 9 to 5, five days a week for forty some odd years at which point weíll be able to retire and live our lives to the fullest when weíre incapable of moving anymore. Most people nowadays do not get to retire when they think they will, many people have to work well into their 60ís and above.

These type of people will live out their lives always hoping for better, hoping that something better will come along, and always struggling just to get by, or to live where they think they are comfortable. The sad part is that comfortable for most of these people is just not having it as bad as it could be, and these people donít know true comfort because they have never felt it.

Then there is that 1% of the population. These people are what I call Dreamers, not to be mistaken with the dreamers of the 99%, although they are sometimes the closest of the two groups. But Dreamers are people who can look at where theyíre at in life, see that they donít like, dream about where they want to go, and then do whatever it takes to get their. The dreamers of the 99% group are similar, but have a difference. These people will not like where they are at in there life, see where they want to go, but donít do anything about it to get there. These people fail because they are afraid of success, for whatever reason. And they will always fail unless they overcome that fear and push to make those dreams happen.

But the real Dreamers are the type of people that never give up. They see something they want, and will do anything and sacrifice everything to get it. Many times they will fail, itís human nature to fail. I donít believe even the most successful people in the world have never failed in their lives, we all have. The only people who do not fail are the people who never try. What make these Dreamers different is that when they fail, that just drives them more to get back and try again, but this time 10 times harder than before. And if they fail again, no problem, theyíll get back up again and repeat the cycle until they succeed.

Therefore, this is what separates the 99 from the 1. The dedication to achieve their goals at whatever cost because they know that once they get there it will be worth the sacrifices made.

I see many people today trying to start their own home based business and always failing. You can actually tell when somebody has been trying for a long time because of the tone in their emails when they respond to an ad. I get to see this almost everyday advertising my opportunity to people. This saddens me because I know that chances are good that if someone has tried many home based businesses in the past, they have probably run into at least one good one. They have simply failed because they didnít know how not too, and did not have the drive to find out how to succeed.

They just fail and assume that they picked the wrong business to try, and they start looking for the next business to try hoping itíll be the good one that will make them rich. And that right there, the end of that sentence is the killer of these businesses. The reason why so many people have failed so many times before, and will continue to fail for the rest of their lives until they realize and come to grasp this concept.

There is NO business that will MAKE YOU rich.

It does not exist. Iíve heard many people talk about it, and many network marketers will say they have found the business that will, but reality is that no business on this earth will make you rich. It is up to you to make yourself rich. No matter what program you join or team you become a part of or even starting a traditional business, if you donít put in the work to make it successful, then it will not be successful.

Those home based businesses and mlm programs out their that claim you can work part time, and make a six figure income your first year, and all that other hype, they have people at the top of those programs. Those pictures you see of people standing beside a nice car or house, with the testimonial that theyíve made it. Those are all real stories, and all real people, but not a single one of them got where they got working part time a few hours a week. In fact, itís more likely that most if not all of them put in at least 50 to 60 hours a week into their business, with many people pushing 80 or 90 hours a week.

Why would they do this? Because the sacrifice of time back then was worth the reward they have now. Because they sacrificed that time they have given themselves more time to enjoy their lives now, and will probably not have to worry about money ever again.

I hope people reading this are starting to realize that it doesnít necessarily matter which business they pick, there are a lot of good ones to pick from, for any situation, but no matter which one you pick, you need the motivation to stick with it.

And that brings me to another point. One of the things you should look for in an online business or a home based business is something that interests you. If your business has a product or philosophy or maybe just the way they do business, and itís something you can get really excited about, it will help you greatly.

Take me for example, without going into too much detail. My business gives me a lot of reasons to get excited about it. One of the biggest things is that I make my money by genuinely helping people. I sell and network market health products of various types, and the products themselves are another source of excitement for me. When I was first introduced to this company Iím with, I had never seen products that even compared to what I was seeing. And of all the numerous research Iíve done from before I actually joined with the company to now, I have yet to find a product that compares to any of my products that I sell.

Many of my products simply donít have competition. Another thing that excites me is I donít have to sell my products to sell them. And to explain what I mean by that, all I have to do is show my products, let my customers and prospects try the products for free, and the product will do all the selling for me. When I ask for the product back, they basically say no and give me money instead.

I could go on but like I said I didnít want to go into to much detail. My point is that I have found a business that excites me and gives me numerous reasons to work hard at it everyday. And I recommend everybody looking at business opportunities to examine the opportunity and see if it has anything that excites them, and try to find something other than them saying youíll make $10k a month or something like that.

And again when you find an opportunity that excites you, go after with full steam. If you fail just get back up, examine why you failed and make adjustments, and go back at it 10 times harder. If you can do that you will be successful.

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Living, Learning & Teaching for healthier living and a better quality of life.
Owner of Zephyr Air


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