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Home Business Is All About Knowledge
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What Others Won't Tell You About Choosing A Solid Home Business

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It is obvious that you are serious about making a real change in your life. Why? Because you reading this and have taken the first step. However, it is equally obvious Iím sure, that you are looking for the right thing, the right vehicle to do just that. Let me share with you lessons we have learned to avoid wasting both valuable time and money.

Most people are looking for an opportunity that is not full of bogus hype, something that is real, even as you are now. Most people have tried one thing or another without any success or heard about someone else who tried but didnít do well. Sadly they give up on looking or believing out of fear of being scammed and a lack of solid information on what to look for. The ones that win and overcome in the end are those who keep searching and have learned what to look for.

Allow us to share with you, what really makes a difference regardless of what you choose to do, in choosing a solid business opportunity that will take you over not under.

There are some great Biz opportunities around today and then there are those get RICH schemes that will just suck up your hard earned money. Nevertheless, there is a method to the madness.

In any business consideration there are a few things you must look for and we mean must!!!! Here they are>>>>>>>>

1. A: Is the company your looking at a reputable company, (BBB, Chamber of Commerce as well as other reputable business monitoring organizations that guard against fraud.

What kind of support and mentoring do they offer to ensure your success? The support should be total and the basic training should be free for you during your entire business venture or at very minimal cost included in your start up cost, which should be minimal also. There may be optional advance training, again at minimal cost. I mean your helping them grow their company and it should not cost you an arm and leg.

B: Are they just local, confined to just 1 location of the country or can you market nationwide and possibly international. This broadens your marketing ability and income growth, plus you should be able to market off line as well as online nationwide.

2. Is the there a demand for the product or service being offered because without a doubt, demand equals opportunity?

3. Is this product or service a fad that will come and go away like most do?
You want something with market stability and market longevity regardless of the economy good or bad. Also you want something that does not consume a lot of time that you already donít have and that will allow you to fit it into your
already busy schedule with significant financial return. We are not talking about your TV time or video game time, there are sacrifices to be made, you may have to give some of that up to focus on building.

4. Will it offer you income security? In other words is it residual (repeating monthly income) but more than that, is your income vested so that if something happens to you the income will still come to your family for generations to come or go to whomever you will it to or whom you assign it to. That is very significant and most important.

5. What kind of benefits and incentives do you get, that will help you save while you earn, i.e. health, other money saving benefits, etc.

6. What is the cost of your investment and how soon will you get a return on it; Me, I like immediate. Don't you? Also what percentage of commissions, overrides and bonuses do you get, some are so low it is ridiculous.

7. Do you have to spend a lot of money buying products etc monthly, volumes that you possibly won't use before you have to buy again just to get paid so it ends up in the garage or you have to give it away. Along with the buying do you have to also sale so much volume a month to get paid. Some company commissions as small as they are, are dependent upon on how much "product" is purchased by your clients or you each month. That can put strain on your pocket and retention of clients could be tough if they can buy the same or similar product at the local super stores. The concept above is usually called Personal Volume and Business Volume or called PV and BV, which if it does not balance out, (quotas) you get Zero Balance, No PAY Due. Oh yeah find out if the demand to spend more just get larger over time, so that you can so call advance. Donít get me wrong I believe in being a product of the product you are marketing and it does take some money to make money, but on a realistic level.

With that said, having been around the Network marketing arena for a while and without any bias against any company you are with or are considering going with, there is a company that offers all of the best of above and more. You might just want to take a look and compare. http://www.makeit.simpleasabc.com

By no means is the purpose of this that I share to put any one opportunity down over another but to assist you in making the best possible choice so you can enjoy a profitable income opportunity. The idea is to make long-term income and to pass on a legacy that will change generations of your bloodline to come. You know like the Kennedyís, etc the choice is always yours. I am open to your comments if you have any. Much success, whatever you do.
E:mail Destinysbychoice@aol.com

I am just everyday people just like you. I donít claim to be an expert or guru but I have been to the school of hard knocks. Experience I have been told is the best teacher which has itís truth but remember experience spares you . There are something you just donít want to experience. I also studied marketing, sales, and business.


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