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Below is an example of a listing to help guide you with your ideas:

redarrow.gif (94 bytes) Comics

All About Books and Comics
- providing a large selection of used books, new comics, comic back issues and gaming supplies.

 The above is the results that came about the entry of the information entered below. The Following information will be displayed in this Directory:

Example: redarrow.gif (94 bytes) Comics
What to do: Click on the arrow and then  choose (click on) the category that best describes your listing.  If you cannot decide then you might choose either "General Antiques & Collectibles" or
"Misc. Collectibles"

Headline/Title for your Listing:
Example: All About Books and Comics
What to do: This is a lead-in for your listing and should best describe in one sort sentence, what your site is for or called.

URL for listed Web-Site:
What to do: Enter the http: (URL) address of the website that this listing you are submitting is all about.  We start you off with the "http://" so you do not forget to include it in your listing.

Web-Site Description: (35 Words or Less, Displayed in hard-copy version)
Example: providing a large selection of used books, new comics, comic back issues and gaming supplies.
What to do: Enter a 35 words or less description of your listing.  Something that best describes your site.  If you place our AllSearch Logo/Link on your web site we will give you a free listing in our hard copy version of "Antiques & Collectibles Online Resource Guide".

The Following information will NOT be displayed in this Directory and are for our records ONLY:

Your Name:, Your Address:, Your City:, Your State:, Your Zip:.
Example: (Self Explanatory)
What to do: Enter your (Listing person) U.S. Postal Mailing address.  Your name, address, city, state, zip

Your E-Mail address:
What to do: This must be the listing submitter's valid email address.  This is the address where listing confirmation will be sent.  Your listing will be deleted from our data base if your email address is found to be invalid.


  Help is on the way!  Search for a Site...

Below is an examplanation of how best to use the Search Features of this directory:

The AllSearch Directories are simple and to the point and are mostly self-explanatory.    However here are a few tips to make searches a bit easier.

Tip #1:  AllSearch allows for 3 quick and easy ways to search for what you are looking for.  Keyword search, What is New (Items listed over the past 30 days), and a complete category search.  We set no limits on your listing results.  If your search takes to long to load we suggest that you narrow your search.

Tip#2: Stop back often each month to see what is new in our directory.  Just Click on the "What's New" button for quick and easy access.

Tip #3: Don't foget to use the back button to get back to your search results as you hyper-link your way around the Collectibles world.

Need more help?  Just email our help desk.   Be sure to put "AllSearch-Antiques & Collectibles Online Directory Help" in your subject line.  We get hundreds of requests a day so we will get back to you ASAP.   Have fun and enjoy!



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